Born in Silver Springs, MD, Christian grew up in Charlotte, NC where his parents had moved a couple months after he was born. Although neither of his parents had training in science or engineering, they did the best the could to feed Christian’s passion for the two areas of study by helping him find extracurricular and academic programs to best fit his interests. Christian is currently a Sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Science pursuing his Bachelors degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Having done previous research at UNCC in Benziamidazole Selone Synthesis and Duke University in Perovskite thin films, he looks to apply everything he learns to become  a better member of the scientific community and society as a whole. In his free time, Christian enjoys fashion from runway collections to the cultural implications of streetwear. A long time skateboarder, Christian enjoys hitting local spots, watching skate videos, and reading Thrasher magazines. He also enjoys reading books on philosophy and theology.

Christian Joseph


Columbia University - B.S. 2019