Iva was raised in the small Eastern European country of Albania and relocated to Cleveland, OH with her family in 2001. Shortly after, she developed an insatiable curiosity of the physical world, motivated in part by her parents who are engineers. She went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology where her research interests spanned over 20 orders of magnitude in scale, from astronomy, biochemistry, and organometallic chemistry. She honed her passion for chemistry working in the labs of prominent chemists such as Prof. Dennis Dougherty and Prof. John Bercaw. Keeping with the theme, she joins the Owen group with the hopes of elucidating the reaction chemistry of semiconductor nanocrystals.

Iva Rreza


B.S. Chemistry - Caltech


2011, 2012     Summer Undergraduate Research

                     Fellow, Caltech

2013     Thomas C. Hays Fellow