Ellie was born and raised across the pond in Leicestershire, the self-proclaimed ‘Heart of Rural England’. Moving south she studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. There she spent her time dodging tourists, navigating 800 year old traditions and studying a lot of chemistry. Ellie spent a summer undertaking research TU Wien in Vienna, Austria, and it was here that she decided she wanted to live abroad at some point. She developed a soft spot for batteries during her undergrad whilst working on defaults in layered cathode materials in the lab of Prof. Clare Grey. After graduating, Ellie ruled out moving to London due to not wanting to live in a large city and so logically chose New York instead. Swapping a small island for the even smaller island of Manhattan, she moved to Columbia and joined the Owen Lab and is working on designing nanoparticles for use in voltage imaging neurons. Outside of lab Ellie enjoys going to live music events, eating ice cream and fighting the patriarchy.

Ellie Bennett


B.S. - University of Cambridge, England

M.Sc. - University of Cambridge, England


2013-2016 Churchill College Scholar